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Bakri: U.S. is the Main Sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Zaman Al Ekhwan, Mustafa Bakri stated that the U.S. is the main sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while Turkey and Qatar are the godfathers of this authority.

He also added that the fact of the President’s silence about Omar Suleiman death demonstrates that Egypt is now ruled by Al Morshed and Al Shater.

"U.S. is planning to let the Muslim Brotherhood rule Egypt, in order to implement the dominance of the Islamists in the Middle East, that’s what U.S. names it by the New Middle East.” Said Bakri

Zaman Al Ekhwan; everywhere from Tunisia and Libya, Egypt and Syria, we are in the time of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tony Khalifa wants to shed the light on everything from their arrival to power, their struggle and oppression at a certain point in time, to the fears and concerns people have today.

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