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Maged Al Masry: I am not a Womanizer But I Love Women
Sunday, July 29, 2012

Samar Wal Regal, an intimate talk show hosed by Egyptian bombshell Samar Yousry. Much more than just a pretty face Samar delves into the complicated relationships between women and men in the Middle East.

The program has broad spectrum of guests, a host of celebrities, and politicians; all of whom are men. Every episode, Samar takes on the task of representing every woman, in an epic battle of the sexes that you wont want to miss.

Al Masry declared that he had earlier hit a woman, since she was very provocative, as well as she was really a scold. Although she was accompanied by her husband, but he wasn't strict "dakar"- as described by Al Masry", he could neither control her nor her actions that was the reason for what had happened.

Maged stated his hatred toward Orfi marriage and if he decided to marry again, he would marry legally, and not Orfi, he also emphasized that he doesn’t recommend polygamy.

"I love my wife alot, nothing is prettier than her in the whole world, even if I saw a beautiful girl that will certainly catch my eyes but will never catch my heart" Said Al Masry

"I am not a womanizer but I love beautiful rational women, the woman who knows how to fulfill her man.” was one of Al Masry significant statements in the episode

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