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Dorra is Back to her Single Life
Sunday, August 05, 2012

In Zaman Al Ekhwan, Dorra was engaged to Keis Mokhtar, a Tunisian businessman. “I am not materialistic, I don’t care about money. Our engagement didn’t work out due to my work, and the long distance between us as he lives in Tunisia and I live her in Cairo.”

Dora resents the escalation of the Islamists in Tunisia, noting that she did not take part in the Egyptian revolution because she is not an Egyptian citizen and does not have the Egyptian nationality. She considers the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t so far achieved the objectives of Jan 25 Revolution. “Hamdeen Saba7y would have been suitable to the presidency of Egypt at this stage.” Said Dorra

Zaman Al Ekhwan; everywhere from Tunisia and Libya, Egypt and Syria, we are in the time of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tony Khalifa wants to shed the light on everything from their arrival to power, their struggle and oppression at a certain point in time, to the fears and concerns people have today.

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