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"AB Noudy" on Al Kahera Wal Nas in Ramadan
Monday, July 09, 2012

Abdel Rahman Al Abanoudy is a popular Egyptian poet, and recently a children's books writer. He is one of a generation of poets who wrote their work in the Egyptian dialect rather than in Classical Arabic, the standard literary language. This literary stance was associated with a militant political engagement: Abanoudy and other writers of this school sought to make their literary production part of the process of development and movement towards popular democracy in Egypt.

Abnoudy presents a short clips discussing the concurrent issues, analyzes and relates it to the past in a bold interesting way. Some of the episodes are; “El Khawagat’’, “Deen Aboya we Deen Abohom’’, “Karasy elSolta”, etc…

Frequency: 11765—Polarization: Horizontal—FEC: 3/4 — Symbol Rate: 27500

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