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Khaled Youssef Rejects the Muslim Brotherhood
Sunday, August 05, 2012

Director Khaled Youssef still rejects the principles of the Muslim Brotherhood as he sees them are worse than the previous regime as he announced in Zaman Al Ekhwan.

"The Muslim Brotherhood aims at raising funds to be used to serve their own political interests, as Khairat Al Shater, one of the main heads at the Muslim Brotherhood is capitalist businessman more than Ahmed Ezz," Said Youssef

"Up to this moment, all decisions taken by President Morsy were to serve and to enable the control of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt. There is a possibility that there will be a revolution against them, but a bloody one due to their refusal of the opposite opinions." Youssef added “We all owe Gamal Abdel Nasser” said Youssef. As he mentioned the 60s and Gamal Abdel Nasser achievements as Khaled Youssef supports Hamdeen Saba7y from the very beginning for his socialist ideologies.

Zaman Al Ekhwan; everywhere from Tunisia and Libya, Egypt and Syria, we are in the time of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tony Khalifa wants to shed the light on everything from their arrival to power, their struggle and oppression at a certain point in time, to the fears and concerns people have today.

Watch Khaled Youssef with Tony Khalifa in Zaman Al Ekhwan @