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Tarek Al Zomor: I Wish I have Taken Part in the Assassination of Al Sadat and Islambouli is a Martyr
Sunday, August 05, 2012

Tarek Al Zomor, the official spokesperson of the Islamic Group, said he was not involved in any assassination while he was arrested, however when he was out of prison he wished to take part in the assassination of Sadat. "He said in Zaman Al Ekhwan, adding that Khalid Islambouli - who assassinated Sadat - is considered a martyr.

He mentioned that the assassination of Sadat was the most important issue for the group and despite his presence in prison, while he succeeded in throwing the first "bomb" interceptor on the Mubarak regime since 1982.

Al Zomor stated that the one who is responsible for all the violence during the past sixty years is the system of the tyranny, not the Islamic groups. Now they are responsible for a peaceful life, as they were given legitimacy, so they must maintain it.

“I saw hundreds of people in prisons. They are not allowed to have their medication.” said Al Zomor

Zaman Al Ekhwan; everywhere from Tunisia and Libya, Egypt and Syria, we are in the time of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tony Khalifa wants to shed the light on everything from their arrival to power, their struggle and oppression at a certain point in time, to the fears and concerns people have today.

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