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Tribal DDB Cairo Creates Al Kahera Wal Nas New Website
Monday, August 06, 2012

The Tribal DDB Cairo has launched a fully functioning website. The website builds awareness of Al Kahera Wal Nas channel and highlights its TV shows, celebrity stars, series, etc... using a new creative design.

Al Kahera Wal Nas celebrates the interactive navigation by encouraging users to navigate site content through the rotating Banners correlated with the rotating backgrounds, news bar with the latest news, downloads with a variety of backgrounds and FB covers, etc…

As well as the users can get updated with the broadcast programming in the schedule medium rectangle located at the homepage; the red colored squares represent the “Airing Time”, while the purple, orange and green colored squares represent the “Repeat”.

The Website Development Includes the Following Features; Embedded Video, Fully Dynamic Image Gallery, News and articles content management system, Database design & implementation, Fully Back-end admin Content Management System.

As the world continues to be swept away by the social network, Tribal DDB Cairo created Al Kahera Wal Nas Watch Live section connected with its Youtube channel. As well as the Live streaming and Twitter are connected with Al Kahera Wal Nas Facebook Fanpage.

Al Kahera Wal Nas website designed by Senior Web Designer Doaa El Behery, developed by Software Developer Hany Nady, social and new media content revised and edited by Digital Account Executive Mai Allam; all done under the supervision of Head of IT Mahmoud Mokhtar.

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